Avoid Duplicate Content at All Costs

You’ve probably heard the last discussion on duplicate content. The question on everyone’s lips is the best way to manage content in order to avoid being penalized by search engines. There are several techniques you can use that will not affect publication or article marketing program.

Implement the following techniques when publishing content for use on your website or for improving search engine optimization rankings.

1. Always publish original content on your website. Do not be caught with duplicate content unless you must. You control the content of your website so I do not take lightly. Use a new and original content that attracts readers. If replication of content, to change a bit or use a sample with a link to the full article.

2. When article marketing, includes article on your site first. If you use article marketing to promote your site, publish this article on your site first. I suggest not distributing the article in at least 3 to 5 days.

3. Distribute the page of your content distribution sites first article! When distributing your articles target the largest directories first item. I recommend changing the title, item description, the introductory paragraph and the last paragraph a little of what you post on your site.

5. Update your content regularly. If you want to optimize the value of content, remember to update the information regularly. This does not mean that the contents are subject to change on a daily basis, but new content will be added to the position of your site a valuable resource.