Organic Search Engine Optimization

When you have a website, getting traffic to it is one of the most important parts of the process. Regardless of how great your products are or what you’re offering, no one’s going to see it if they don’t make it to your site first. While you can always buy traffic, that can get expensive. Another option is to try to get free traffic from search engines. This is sometimes easier said than done, as the search engines don’t exactly make it easy on you. Optimizing your site for search engines takes some work, but it can pay off big if you do it right. Here are a few things to consider about organic search engine optimization.

Quality Content is Essential

Regardless of what you are trying to do with your website, it is vitally important to make sure that you post only the highest quality content. In the past, you could try to play a high-quantity game with content, and the search engines would reward you with traffic. In today’s online world, the search engines are primarily concerned with really good quality. After the Panda and Penguin updates by Google, it’s clear that you must bring your “A” game when creating content. If you’re not really proud of it, don’t publish it on your site. You definitely have to avoid duplicate content from other sites as well.

Focus on Quality Links

While the quality of your site is vitally important to the search engines, you also have to get links from other sites for you to rank well in the search engines. In the past, you could play the numbers game and just pay for a bunch of links from other sites to rank highly. Now, the search engines have become much more picky about what links are high-quality. Links from poor quality sites can actually hurt your chances of ranking highly in the search engine results. You may have to provide some quality content to other sites before you can post a link. This is a slow process, and it will happen naturally to some degree. A good way to get safe, quality links is guest posting.

Other Site Factors

Besides making the quality of your content very high, you also need to look at the other factors on your site that can make a difference. Google says there are over 200 different factors that go into ranking sites. Obviously, you won’t be able to work on all of those factors, but you can affect some of them.

For instance, you need to make sure that the meta tags are done appropriately on each page. Every page should have a list of meta keywords, a title, and a meta description. You should have a headline tag with your page’s keyword in it. Each page should also have the primary keyword and some secondary keywords mentioned a few times within the text. Don’t overdo it with the keywords, as this can actually work against you.

You should also try to include some pictures, videos, audio, and other types of content. This will help break up the text on the page, and make it so that people stay on the page longer. You’ll want to interlink this content to other relevant posts on your website.

Overall, your primary focus should be on quality in everything that you do. It’s becoming impossible for you to game the search engines. If you’ll just keep it real, you’ll be much better off.